Together We Care: De Nora vs COVID 19

The Covid-19 virus has become one of the most important global issues. In response to this pandemic, De Nora has partnered with organisations around the world to leverage its knowledge and expertise in electrochemistry to protect local communities and businesses. It’s why we created the #TogetherWeCare initiative

At a time when Coronavirus has created severe shortages in availability of bleach, this has been felt strongly across all industry, from processing and manufacturing, to government institutions, retail, cleaning services, care facilities and municipal water treatment.

The on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite, which is commonly referred to as bleach, is an easy and cost-effective way to protect the continuity of your operations. By using three commonly available consumables - food grade salt, water and electricity – you can generate bleach as needed, without having to rely on deliveries of disinfectants that are currently in limited supply.

Generation on-site offers significant advantages for the environment – the amount of plastic and other storage systems is minimized, and the carbon dioxide footprint is significantly reduced with the associated reductions in transportation and storage requirements that come with generating the hypochlorite you need at any particular time. 

As a responsible leader in the field of electrochemistry, De Nora has been working closely with partners and customers to offer solutions for the expansion of capacity and decentralisation of hypochlorite production to meet varied needs through our Together We Care program.

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Point-of-Use Systems

In Italy, De Nora has provided EVA systems to a number of healthcare institutions, universities and organisations as well as the Italian Civil Protection Agency for use around the country to produce and supply solution for households and facilities for surface cleaning.

Outside of Italy, De Nora has formed partnerships with other organizations to help provide hypochlorite to local communities in Asia and Europe.


Providing Expansion and Decentralized Systems

At a time where there is an increased need for cleanliness, we can help you to help maintain your operations and help your local communities by assisting you with the capacity to be self-sufficient and autonomous, giving you the peace of mind you need right now. 

If you are already utilizing ClorTec®, MIOX® or CECHLO® systems, you may desire to generate additional capacity to ensure that not only your plants have chlorine available, but also to fill other needs in your community.  This can be accomplished in a couple of ways:

Expand Existing Capacity

  • By adding an additional generator to your existing plant.
  • Contact us to get information on how to expand your system – we will work with you to make sure it is fully compatible with your existing ancillaries.

Decentralize Production of Hypochlorite

  • With the adoption of MIOX 2 and ClorTec Home, we offer a simple, plug and play and effective solution to secure your needs of bleach in times of shortage of supply and difficult deliveries due to the lock-down enforcement.
  • These small systems are portable, only require 110/220V 1ph power, and can be located almost anywhere.

Details on these systems can be found here

Do you have a story to tell?

If you have been working with De Nora in partnership to address Covid-19 or other water related issues in the community, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us or post your stories online and use the hashtag #TogetherWeCare to show how we are all coming together to solve some of the most pressing problems we are facing.

Disinfectant Shortages

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