Talent development

We keep the highest focus on your development by helping you achieve your career goals. We start by mapping your competences and talents. We recognize and reward the technical competencies which are the fuel of the great technologies and solutions we offer our customers, with dedicated career ladders. We custom-design training programs founded in the concept of Leadership De Nora's way. We support job rotation and international mobility.

Why is our business continuously growing?

Why is our business continuously growing?

Behind the great quality and reliability of our technologies there are talented people like you!  Beginning at the recruiting phase, De Nora will help you to know and listen to yourself, discover your talents, and follow your passions.  Energized and passionate employees boost the success of the entire team.

New opportunities present themselves continuously within our growing company.  Job rotation as well as regional and international mobility, are an opportunity for those who seek it. Or if you prefer, simply continue to grow, learn by doing, and jump at your convenience into our De Nora Academy to know more.

We strongly encourage a culture of feedback from all sides.

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