Joint Development

Often, electrochemistry is only a part of a more complex process required by our partners.
In some cases, the electrochemical portion of a process is so complex, that more than one actor should be involved in its development

Thanks to its deep and well recognized expertise in electrochemistry, De Nora provides the know-how and skill, to work hand-in-hand with our partners to fully develop and launch market-based innovative solutions for a variety of processes.

The tool used to structure these kinds of collaborations is a Joint Development Agreements (JDA).

JDA represent a way for De Nora to:

  • Develop complete solutions to meet the customers requirements and satisfy direct sales need in the market;
  • Streamline our R&D and testing capability, accelerating and making more efficient product development initiatives;
  • Start long-term collaborations, usually becoming a “commercial” agreement at the end of the development phase;
  • Dilute/reduce risk in product development;

Typically, with these types of projects, De Nora oversees design, testing and supply of the electrochemical part of the process (electrochemical cell/stack or balance of plant/stack, etc.) or key components of this (coatings, electrodes, cell components, etc.).

Other ways we collaborate with our customers:

  • Test Agreement:  Allows for the testing of one or more De Nora products in the customer's equipment and evaluate the necessity for a further customization/evolution that could then lead to a more structured JDA;
  • Collaboration Agreement:  Allows for the development or implementation of complex solutions in partnership but not “Jointed”.

At times, our company, adopting a B2B business model, supplies only some parts of a more complex system / plant.

In this regard, De Nora is open to a collaboration agreement (CA) in partnership with companies that own the full process/market knowledge and can therefore reach the final customer.

We are keen to be your partner. Contact us for more information