March 20 2020


De Nora delivers mobile bleach generator to Fort Bend County, TX

Ft Bend 8

SUGAR LAND, Texas – 20 March 2020 – As communities across the world search for ways to quickly protect the health and safety of their residents, De Nora, has delivered a mobile on-site sodium hypochlorite (bleach) generator to Fort Bend County, Texas. The mobile on-site disinfection system, similar to those used for water treatment in the onshore fracking process, will produce 1,500 pounds per day of sodium hypochlorite at a low concentration of 0.8%, equivalent to 25,000 gallons a day. 

“Like many communities, we are experiencing bleach availability issues as people rush to protect themselves,” said Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls. “We know that effective cleaning of surfaces, good hygiene and social distancing are the best ways to protect the health and safety of our community. When we couldn’t get the bleach we needed, we turned to other options. With the ClorTec mobile treatment unit from De Nora Neptune, we’ll be able to quickly provide reliable protection for our first responders and families at home.”

De Nora is providing the ClorTec® mobile treatment unit to the community, which will be used to produce bleach for cleaning 300 squad cars, 13 offices, and 300 jail cells with over 900 inmates. The county will supply to the general public freshly-made 32-ounce spray bottles of sodium hypochlorite for use in homes.   

De Nora, an Italian multinational headquartered in Milan, is a global leader of electrochlorination, water disinfection and water filtration technologies with offices around the world, including in Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, the hub for the De Nora global electrochlorination business.

“Nearly 100 years ago, Oronzio De Nora, the company’s founder, discovered the positive effects of producing chlorine on-site through the electrolysis of a simple saline solution,” commented Paolo Dellachà, CEO of De Nora.  “Today, De Nora is proud to continue Oronzio’s legacy by supporting our communities during this time of uncertainty. We are supporting our local communities by providing on-site bleach generators in Italy, China, Singapore and Japan. We’re honored to be able to quickly support our neighbors in Fort Bend."

Mirka Wilderer, CEO for De Nora Water Technologies confirmed “I am proud of how our team pulled out all the stops to respond to a challenging situation so quickly. We are now ready to expand this partnership to other communities with the development of small point-of-use systems and a fleet of mobile units that can be readily mobilized to decentralize the production of bleach and ensure both small and large communities can be self-sufficient”.

The ClorTec unit is stationed at the Gus Academy at the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, 1840 Richmond Parkway, Richmond, TX. Residents can drive by to pick up their free jug and spray bottle of diluted sodium hypoclorite starting Friday, March 20.

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