September 06 2017


De Nora Water Technologies to Launch New Capital Controls® Gas Feed Disinfection Cabinets

Since acquiring well-known brands like Capital Controls®, ClorTec® and TETRA™ from Severn Trent Water Purification in 2015, De Nora continues tradition of innovation

MILAN - September 6, 2017 - Today De Nora Water Technologies announces the launch of their new Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection cabinets, which will be unveiled at booth #1317 at WEFTEC in Chicago, from October 2-4, 2017.  The new development offers a unique space-saving small footprint with a sleek, modern design, incorporating pioneering and safe Capital Controls® technology. The new cabinets offer a clearer distinction between models to simplify decision-making based on sizing needs.  Gas chlorination systems are used for disinfecting potable water, leaving a residual level that ensures a safe supply of drinking water from the plant to the tap, and in industrial applications for cost-effective disinfection and biocide control.

“De Nora has successfully brought their culture of technical innovation and product development to the safe, reliable technology that Capital Controls invented in 1960,” said William Stimeling, De Nora gas feed product technology manager. “With De Nora, we got right to work focusing on continuous innovation and development across product lines.” 

Systems range from 10-10,000 pounds per day (PPD) of gas feed capacity per unit. Each system features a larger 10-inch standard gas flowmeter for better resolution and an easier read. The automatic models of the three gas feed cabinets feature the Chloromatic™ automatic valve actuator with built in controller. The Series 4100 features sonic operation to 3,000 PPD - gas feed at the speed of sound - on both manual and automatic models, eliminating the need for a differential pressure regulator.  For all automatic models, an additional controller may not be needed, reducing components – and costs - for the end user.  

Capital Controls automatic gas feed cabinets can be used with the new Capital Controls® MicroChem®3 analyzer and controller, which was launched at the AWWA Conference & Exhibition in June 2017. Since the acquisition of Severn Trent Water Purification and its familiar water treatment brands, De Nora Water Technologies has introduced several new products to the market, including the safe and efficient ClorTec® DN on-site hypochlorite generator and the compact IMO Certified OMNIPURE™ Series 64 marine sewage treatment system. The company continues to develop new products in the water treatment sector, fueled by a strong internal R&D Group and supported by Open Innovation techniques.

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