September 06 2016


De Nora BWTS in brokerage agreement with MARCAS

De Nora, world leader in electrochemical technologies, today announced a brokerage agreement with MARCAS, the major buying group for the maritime industry. The deal means that MARCAS members representing close to 1,700 vessels can access aggregate purchasing deals with De Nora for its BALPURE® ballast water treatment system (BWTS) and spare parts at a discount

MARCAS obtains the best value products and services for its members, with a commitment to price, quality, assured supply and delivery, and technical innovation. The agreement with De Nora extends to both newbuild and retrofit markets. It will ensure that all MARCAS members obtain the best value purchase, service and aftercare agreements with the originator and patent holder of both slipstream method of electrochlorination ballast water treatment and maintenance free self-cleaning DSA® electrodes.

Luca Buonerba, chief marketing and business development officer, De Nora said: “With ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention looming, owners, operators and associations have realised the true benefit of partnering with an experienced manufacturer of proven BWTS, like De Nora. As the patent holders of slipstream electrochlorination together with our long history and knowledge of electrochemistry and commitment to customers, associations like MARCAS can choose De Nora systems with confidence."

De Nora has more than 50 years’ proven track record in electrolytic seawater disinfection, and over 12 years’ experience in ballast water treatment. Its patented BALPURE® electrochlorination system has been rigorously tested in commercial use, secured IMO Type Approval and is currently progressing through USCG land-based and shipboard testing. In addition, BALPURE® has been named by the US EPA Science Advisory Board as one of three systems that demonstrated the ability to meet a standard 10 times more stringent than the IMO D-2 standard. De Nora also has a global service network committed to providing expert advice and aftercare to its BALPURE users on a global basis, whenever they need it. 

With more than 6,000 electrochlorination installations producing over 1,300 tons per day of sodium hypochlorite, De Nora has one of the world’s largest operating fleet of seawater electrochlorination systems. To date, De Nora BALPURE has been selected for 46 new build LNG vessels and tankers and has recently been chosen for the retrofit of seven vessels. The company has well established engineering, production and assembly facilities in Italy, the United States and China.

Marcas is an association of (26) shipping companies, bringing together a combined purchasing volume for over 1700 Vessels. Through its volume Marcas is able to negotiate global contracts with suppliers, based on best prices, service and quality. Marcas is continuing benchmarking its prices to ensure that its members obtain the best value for money.
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