December 19 2014



Inaugurated SmartMatLab, the laboratory for intelligent materials

Milan - December 19, 2014 - At the presence of senior management of numerous representatives from academia and industry, was inaugurated SmartMatLab, an advanced research centre at the academy/industry interface focused on prominent key enabling technologies (KETs) such as nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials, biotechnology and photonics, and optoelectronics.

SmartMatLab, realized thanks to the synergy of the Lombardy Region and Cariplo Foundation, in partnership with Department of Chemistry of the University of MilanInstitute of Molecular Science and Technologies (ISTM) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and four industrial partners (Industrie De Nora, CISI, Laboratori Alchemia and Petroceramics), provides finally the ''missing link” between academy and industry. It shall comprise a laboratory preparation of devices and functional surfaces, which offers advanced techniques such as physical vapor deposition, screen printing, inkjet printing, magnetron sputtering, and a laboratory for advanced characterization of such materials and devices.

SmartMatLab was conceived not only as a center of research, but also training, for the dissemination of new technologies and skills, both among young academic researchers operators in the industry

So many are the ways in which SmartMatLab intend to achieve the strategic goal of the technology transfer to the companies of the territory: updating activities and training for staff; offer a broad portfolio of smart materials, already developed to the pilot stage; joint research with industry partners on specific objectives proposed by them; testing and analysis of advanced materials industry based on the equipment of the center.