NGO and Relief Organizations

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Relief Organizations need simple, cost effective solutions to bring disinfection chemistry to communities in need around the globe. Whether communities are suffering from a natural disaster, viral pandemic, or are simply remotely located, the need for safe drinking water or surface disinfection is always critical.

ClorTec Home

The affordable, ultra-simple ClorTec® Home Onsite Hypochlorite Generator provides industrial performance in a small package for smaller communities or hospitals, schools, or any other application needing a ready supply of chlorine.

Compact and portable, ClorTec Home uses only salt, water and electricity, to produce sodium hypochlorite when and where you need.

Simply place the “wand” containing the electrodes into a container of salt water, and push the button on the controller, in a few hours you will have a tank of disinfectant.

  • Produces 26 gallons (100 liters) of 0.5% solution every 4 hours
  • Can be used for surface disinfection or for treating drinking water
  • Salt is the only consumable, and is available the world over
  • Only requires a 110/220V 1 ph supply or can be used with a small gas powered generator
  • Simple operation

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