1988年,Universal Aqua Technology (UAT™)成立,并为瓶装水、食品和饮料、海水淡化、市政和工业应用提供MF/RO和EDI系统。使用高质量的组件,撬装式UAT™反渗透(RO)系统的设计可以有效地生产纯净水。

Cost Savings


Water Reuse

De Nora Water Technologies offers a variety of system accessories for use with our UAT™ membrane filtration systems, including media filtration, chemical dosing, clean-in-place, disinfection and analytical systems. 

UAT™ systems are pre-engineered and suitable for tap, brackish and seawater desalination requirements covering municipal, commercial and industrial market applications. Reverse Osmosis (RO) flow rates up to 1,500+ m³/hr (10+ MGD) per system and Electrodeionization (EDI) flow rates up to 150+ m³/hr (1+ MGD) per system are available.

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