We are De Nora

Deliver innovative technologies, products and services to win future challenges coming from environmental and industrial needs

We are recognized as…  #PartnerofChoice
The pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions for our planet, the care in making the life of all mankind easier and safer are our ethical commitments since the foundation of the Company.

Our valued customers are our Partner of Choice: our initiatives are effective and unique thanks to the continuous exchange of information and the alignment towards common goals.

Excitement and pride are the most common feelings of our committed people: there is nothing more rewarding than making the difference in what we do, finding the speedy route to successful results both in the traditional business and in new strategic arenas where electrochemistry is the enabler for a better future.

We act according to… #ContinualImprovement
Much of our achievements depends on our people feeling part of a team we can rely on while working on clear time-phased goals. Understanding our unique role within a team of talents around us is exciting.

Continual improvement is our mantra, the fuel that energizes our daily activities in all aspects of the business, from the identification of a new challenge to the implementation of its improved solution, meeting and possibly exceeding expectations.

We feel accountable for making a positive impact in our business, pursuing sustainability and allowing environment, economy and the society to flourish. 
People are the cornerstone of our business and most would say they work in a company they are pride of. A company that cares about their wellbeing and the communities it impacts, showing it in practice every day. 

We are Committed to … #Sustainability 
The world, currently, operates in a carbon-based economy. Our growing contribution to the hydrogen economy is supporting the move towards the energy transition and the decarbonization. We aim to providing low and zero emission energy solutions, while helping our customers to get enough clean water.

We deploy our vision and values across the globe involving all our employees, customers and suppliers.
Our people keep sharing their thoughts and speak from the heart, telling their story, the most accurate representation of De Nora’s values and behaviors.

We aim to minimize our impact on the environment through conserving resources, reducing energy consumption, treating and recycling water, reducing waste and emissions and preventing environmental pollution…in one word: Sustainability.

We are… #Exciting
One of our key commitments is to attract and retain talents, wherever they come, whatever their age. We are people that want to make a difference.

Our aspiration is to be good citizens of the world, caring for all the stakeholders, responding to the needs of the communities where we operate, nurturing and supporting future generations, saving the natural resources and finding clean alternatives and new routes to circular economy. This is Exciting!

In De Nora we make available all our values and competences to deliver sustainable solutions created together with our partners of choice, pursuing continual improvement of our products, addressing energy conversion, fighting pollution and helping to resolve the lack of clean water. 
We will achieve our purpose thanks to engaged people that are excited of being the enabling factor for reaching our targets.