Long-term relationships with our customers are built on years of cooperation driven by
mutual trust

We supply electrodes for our industrial partners globally, helping them guarantee stable production efficiency, all while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality. Our outstanding reputation is built on the reliability of our products and in the skills of our technicians and engineers. 

We provide regular maintenance service of electrodes as well as refurbishment with the latest generation technology.  This allows us to serve our customers with a constantly expanding product portfolio, resulting from research and development, jointly conducted with our partners.

We are proud of the trust of our customers, some of whom have worked with us for over 40 years.

Our services

  • Electrode Recoating, Repair Services and Spare Parts: Recoating is the process used to re-establish the original catalytic characteristics on used electrodes by appling a new catalytic layer; the process allows the preservation of the metal structure, both titanium and nickel 
  • Supply and Maintenance Agreements: De Nora helps to maximize manufacturing efficiency and flexibility.  Through the careful use of worldwide inventory and the stocking of critical components, De Nora is able to quickly respond to unforeseen requests. This guarantees faster turnaround time reducing the capital investment of our customers.
  • Joint Development: We closely work with industrial partners and research centers to develop and validate new green processes and technologies. 
  • On-Field Technical Assistance and Customer Training: Our technicians can provide a wide variety of services including: monitoring of electrodes performance, preventive maintenance, on-site anode treatment, startup assistance, and training of operators. 
  • Analytic Service: Analysis and investigation of coating behavior in relation to operating conditions and the use of specific additives.
  • Engineering Design: De Nora engineers can work with you to develop tailored solutions, optimizing performance.
  • Technology Retrofit: Our customer can easily access to the best, most advanced electrode technologies developed by our research centers.
  • Lease Contracts: De Nora can offer customized commercial terms, including lease contracts, that allow our customers access to De Nora electrode technologies with a limited upfront investment.