SANILEC® generate sodium hypochlorite from seawater, providing exceptional biofouling control in offshore and marine applications with more than 400 installations in 60 countries, representing more than 65% of the world capacity for this type of technology.


Safe / Non-Hazardous

Unique Design / Advanced Engineering

Reliability / Equipment Longevity

Global Support / Customer Service

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Superior Biofouling Control / Efficiency / Enhanced Disinfection

SANILEC® seawater electrochlorination systems are the preferred solution for biofouling control in offshore and marine applications. SANILEC® systems use a simple and straightforward process, combining two common consumables – seawater and electricity. This proven process eliminates the purchase, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. 

SANILEC® systems include concentric tubular electrode (CTE) cells arranged in electrical and hydraulic series. Electrodes are coated with De Nora’s patented DSA® formulas for varying water temperatures and chloride concentrations. Standard SANILEC® CTE systems range in capacity from 24 to 384 lb/day (10.8 to 174.2 kg/day) per train and higher capacity can be achieved by adding trains. 

SANILEC® systems are designed and assembled for continuous and unattended operation requiring minimal monitoring. Typical transport and handling limitations have also been considered to minimize customer logistics.


  • Preferred electrochlorination system for biofouling control
  • Based on 90 years of electrochemical experience
  • Effective and reliable treatment in hazardous marine/corrosive environments
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance

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