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De Nora water technology attend IE Expo in China 2017


On May 4, 2017, Shanghai 18th annual IE Expo China in Shanghai new international expo center had grand opening.

During three days, as the leadership of water and waste water treatment industry, De Nora discussed with fellow professionals for cutting-edge technology and the latest solution in the W3 3520 booths, and emphatically demonstrates Denite ® denitrifying deep bed filter and ClorTec ® site preparation of sodium hypochlorite system.

In this exhibition, in addition to the major technology exhibition outside research products of the company, De Nora has more special events, like some delicate snacks, and hands washed Italian coffee. Scan the QR code and follow our WeChat ID, will have the opportunity to learn the hand make coffee. Also we have the cartoon image about denitrifying deep bed filter and the preparation of sodium hypochlorite system.  Take photo with them then send to our WeChat public number, you will have chance to win more gifts.

Looking forward to meet with you in next year’s event.