EGL and ETL processes


We serve any type of cell configuration including  vertical or horizontal cell alignments and radial cell designs.


Proper engineering design considerations must also take into account a range of operational current density of 5 to 15 kA/m², with anode size varying from 0.15 to 2.65 m². Our family of oxygen-evolving mixed-metal oxide (MMO) coatings are capable of  meeting customers’ requirements in terms of lifetime, performance and cost.  

The application of De Nora DSA® anodes in EGL processes allows plating uniformity across the web of the steel coil ensuring an outstanding corrosion resistance, formability and paint adhesion in zinc electroplating for  the automotive and appliance market.

De Nora  focuses its efforts in providing flexible solutions, offering significant advantages over competitors’ technology:

  • Plating uniformity
  • Enhanced gap stability
  • Lower energy consumption


The use of De Nora DSA® anodes for electrotinning requires a particular focus on the stability of the coating versus the  type of chemicals present in the process electrolyte composition.

We provide tailored MMO coatings suitably formulated for operation in either Methyl Sulfonic Acid bath (MSA) or in Phenyl Sulfonic Acid bath (PSA).

De Nora DSA® anodes for this application are characterized by:

  • Predictable  lifetime
  • Resistance at aggressive operating conditions
  • Stability of tin bath levels by aid of De Nora DSA® balancing anode technology

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