Surface finishing

Adding value to surface


The surface finishing industry is driven to provide superior plated components, in turn requiring high quality anodes. De Nora DSA® anodes, with their tailored precious metal coating applied on Grade 1 titanium substrates,  ensure durable, reliable and high performance operation.




The EGL process requires very robust anodes and highly customized solutions to meet a wide variety of production requirements.  We serve any type of cell configuration including  vertical or horizontal cell alignments and radial cell designs.

The use of De Nora DSA® anodes for EGL requires a particular focus on the stability of the coating versus the  type of chemicals present in the process electrolyte composition. 

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De Nora DSA® anodes  for high quality  surface finishing electrolytic plating processes 

We manufacture a wide variety of custom anode geometries to meet the varied and demanding performance expectations of plating industry customers.

De Nora DSA® anodes provide a superior alternative to soluble and environment-unfriendly lead alloy anodes. 

Our product offering inlcudes:

  • Platinum anodes
  • Balancing anodes
  • Auxiliary anodes
  • De Nora GreenChrome® anodes

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