We focus on sustainable and low environmental impact as key features of our value proposition to customers.


Our company continues to take great efforts to develop solutions ever more efficient to reduce the customers energy consumptions and through materials and different solutions achieve maximum production efficiency to reduce the clients CO2 overall footprint.

To begin with type of long-lasting anodes requiring only to be periodically maintained simply freshing the treatment to the surface. In fact, our anodes are virtually indestructible and do not suffer from distortions nor dimensional wear due to the use.

In many industries and in various applications De Nora sustainable solutions are ahead of the times and international regulation as alternative to graphite or lead anodes that have a fast wear rate, to mercury technologies for chlorine production, even the Zero Mercury Emission program for those who still continues to use mercury plants. And yet the anodes that allow to realize chroming with trivalent chromium instead of the carcinogenic hexavalent chromium.


A sustainability intrinsic in the design of our products and services in addition to considerably lower impact on people and environment thus allowing customers to meet well ahead of time even the most stringent international standards.

In particular, we continue to develop technologies to recycle water within the process and reduce the overall demand for and treat wastewater in different production areas, aiming to achieve whenever possible the "zero liquid discharge" concept treating polluted waters with novel electrochemical processes thanks to tailored coating formulation.

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