We are committed to providing mixed metal oxide (MMO)-coated anodes and electrochemical technologies for the electronics industry.


Listening to the industrial needs and main drivers, we have developed a high quality and reliable MMO-coated titanium anode for the electrodeposition of copper, gold and other metals on printed circuit boards (PCB) in replacement of soluble anodes.

De Nora DSA® anodes for electronics succeed in tackling the undesired oxidation phenomena of organic species in electroplating baths, greatly enhanced by the catalytic activity of MMO-coated anode surfaces. Consumption of organic additives of electroplating baths such as levelers and brighteners is kept at bay by the unique formulation of De Nora DSA® anodes, preserving the fundamental role of these substances in assuring glossy metal deposits of uniform thickness. 


We have also developed a proprietary design of radial cell for electrolytic copper foil production characterized by an extremely low anode-to-rotating cathode drum gap, allowing a remarkable improvement in energy efficiency and quality of the finished product. This was made possible by equipping the cells with suitably tailored De Nora DSA® anodes, taking advantage of their intrinsic flexibility and geometrical profile stability.   


  • CTEX-2019
    15/05/2019 - 17/05/2019


    CTEX 2019 is the most representative professional exhibitions in East China, focusing on the field of printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing and artifical intelligence. Come and visit us May 15 - 17, 2019 Suzhou International Expo Center | China

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