Paolo Dellachà



Paolo Dellachà received an electrical engineering degree at the Milan Polytechnic and graduated as an engineer in 1995. He joined the Group in June 2009 as general manager and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in December 2010, and has since led the Group in connection with our reorganization, as well as in several significant transactions, including the acquisitions of Permelec Electrode Ltd (Japan) and Chlorine Engineers Corporation, the formation of the joint venture with ThyssenKrupp and the acquisitions of the Severn Trent Water Purification Group and Ozono Elettronica Internazionale.

Before joining the Group, he was general director of the Sympak Group, where he worked for nine years. In addition, from 1996 to 2009, he worked with the Romaco Group, where he was responsible for exports and was appointed as general manager of Romaco S.p.A.